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OTR Truck Driving Is A Valuable Skill, Don't You Agree? Come Work For A Company That’s Willing To Pay You What You’re Worth…

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Are you looking for something better? Has the company you drive for burned you too many times? Do they take you for granted and run you ragged? Are you sick of it?

It’s time to do something about it!

Tired of Being Mistreated?
Too many truck drivers we know are miserable. They have a unique skill set that makes their company A TON of money, but they just get the leftovers. They get sent out on the road and told where to go and what to pick up, but they’re employers look at them like they’re just another piece of machinery. The sad part is, eventually this “machinery” breaks down, and they lose another good driver.

Are you close to a break down? Then Vyper is your solution!

Here are some signs:

  • You’re always in pain. Your back aches from all the freight you unload each day. You pull up to a dock where five or six guys are shootin’ the bull, but nobody helps you get the freight off your truck.

  • You’re always tired. You wake up tired. You drive on barely enough sleep to keep from causing an accident. You go back to bed exhausted. And your employer couldn’t care less as long as you get their freight where they want it to go.

  • Your truck sucks. No matter how many times you tell your employer about an issue you’re having with your truck, they ignore you. As long as you can get your trailer where it’s supposed to go, nothing else matters to them. Not the broken heater in the middle of winter or the broken AC in the middle of summer. Not the seat that’s causing you back pain or the reefer unit that keeps breaking down.

  • You’re sick of the lies. Every week, your employer tells you “just one more week and I’ll get you home,” but you’ve been out for over a month with no signs of getting home anytime soon. Because of this, you’ve had to break promises to friends and family, and you can tell they don’t believe you anymore when you tell them you’ll be home as soon as you can.

There’s a better way to do OTR trucking

Vyper LLC is an OTR trucking company started by Geoff Hanna. Vyper knows firsthand what it’s like watching drivers burn out and break down over time. We’ve seen the effects of companies caring more about their bottom line than they do about the employees who are breaking their backs to help the company meet its financial goals.

Geoff started Vyper because he believed there was a better way to do OTR trucking. What makes Vyper different is that we treat drivers the way we would want to be treated. Vyper understands the value of a dedicated driver, and we go above and beyond to treat our drivers right.

Want proof?

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get when you drive for Vyper:

  • No more back aches. With Vyper, you’ll be hauling no-touch freight. You just back up to the dock and let them do the rest of the work.
  • Feel good again. Benefits are available at the first of the month after completing two full months of employment. Show us that you’ll stick around, and we’ll take great care of you!
  • Feel “at home” in your truck. We take pride in our fleet and keep our trucks well-maintained, so we can keep things running smoothly. Without awesome drivers equipped with incredible trucks, there would be no Vyper.
  • You can keep your promises again. You became a truck driver to make great money, and Vyper will help you do that. But all that money’s worthless if you can’t use it to be there for your family and friends. With Vyper, if you give us a week’s notice, we can get you home.

Will there be a lot of time on the road? Of course! You’re an OTR driver. But we also want to be sure you get time at home to unwind when you need it.  

We take pride in taking great care of our drivers!

Here’s a closer look at the benefits you’ll get when you drive with Vyper:

  • $.48 per mile with 2 years’ experience, plus available bonus.
  • Direct Deposit
  • Paid Vacations
  • Benefits available at the first of the month after completing 2 full months of employment.
  • Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance
  • Flexible Spending
  • 401K Plan
  • Accidental Insurance

Ready to make the switch and drive with Vyper?