An over the road trucking company founded on the idea of treating our customers and drivers right!

Vyper LLC was created in August of 2016 to fill gaps in the dry freight market. Founder Mark Strunk noticed a need for a quality over the road trucking company dedicated to putting hard-working truck drivers to work while going above and beyond to provide customers with great service.

Anyone who’s familiar with the trucking industry knows that there’s often a gap between what a trucking company promises to do and the results they deliver. Not with Vyper. Vyper is all about over the road trucking done right- for their customers and their drivers.

Mark got his start in the trucking industry while he was in college. What began as a part-time job turned into a full-fledged career, and he ended up working at FedEx Ground for 25 years. He spent the better part of that time as a manager and learned the ins and outs of the transportation industry while serving in that role.

Fast-forward to today. With several trucks in its fleet and a steady flow of work, Vyper is looking for great truck drivers with a passion for over the road trucking. Not only is the company actively recruiting drivers, they also offer competitive benefits as well.

Learn more about driving with Vyper by clicking HERE or contact their recruiter today at (417) 986-2725.